Healthy Family 2018 Offer



1.What is this special offer all about?

ARC members who become Healthy Family partner distributors can enjoy 5 FREE cases of the Healthy Family mini 500ml variant to add to their initial inventory. This is on top of the ARC-exclusive year-round offer where new distributors can enjoy 30% additional 5-gallon bottles to their initial inventory.

2.Until when is this offer valid?

This offer is valid until April 30, 2018.


1.How much is the investment cost to put up a Healthy Family distributorship? What items are included when I make the initial investment?

Inclusions Starter Package Mobile Package A
Initial Product Inventory 300 300
Fliers 2000 2000
Flag Signage (Panaflex) 1 1
33×78 inch tarpaulins 3 3
Uniform (Shirt) 6 6
Caps 4 4
Table Top Dispensers 30 30
Hot & Cold Dispensers 2 2
Launch Day Support 1 1
Vehicle Branding Sticker 1 none
Tri-Bike none 1
Package Cost 159,000 279,000
  • *Package subject to change without prior notice
  • For Starter Package and Mobile Package A
    • PHP 90,000 is the required upfront investment, of which:
      • PHP 45,000 is the Down Payment for the collaterals
      • PHP 45,000 is the Guarantee Deposit (Refundable upon end of contract)
    • The remaining amount will be on a loan agreement

2.How much is the partner fee itself?

  • There is no franchise fee and royalty
  • Only P90,000 is needed to start. This comprises a P45,000 downpayment and a P45,000 refundable security bond

3.How long is the distributorship contract?

There is no limit or contract as this is a distributorship and not a franchise.



1.What areas are open for franchise?

Healthy Family is available in key areas of Metro Manila. The lot and location will be subject to evaluation since Healthy Family operates on an “Exclusive Distributorship” per area.

2.Does Healthy Family provide partner distributors with locations?

The Healthy Family Sales team can make recommendations however we recommend to open in an area you’re familiar with or where you reside.

3.What are the franchisee’s responsibilities regarding site assessment?

This can be discussed further with Healthy Family’s sales executives.

4.How long does it take to process the market study and evaluation of a site?

Healthy Family has already divided the lots in the metro. 1 lot covers at least 3000 households. The site just needs to be chosen by the member and approved by Healthy Family.

5.What is the required store size?

The store size has a minimum 25sqm requirement in order to store inventory.

6.What are the location requirements?

The location has to have an enclosed warehouse away from direct sunlight for storage, subject to evaluation and approval.

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