ARC Supplementary Membership



We know what it means to miss out on your privileges. And we intend to provide you with a way to make it work. This program is for select members who are top clients of more than one of our participating member companies.


The supplementary member can enjoy the same privileges as the Principal member. However please note the following terms:

  • Membership identification of the supplementary member is via digital badge only. No ARC card will be issued.
  • Membership validity is coterminous with the Principal member
  • Once a supplementary member has been successfully enrolled, membership is non-transferable.
  • For privileges that have specific allowed number of availments only, example: Five (5) vouchers per ARC member, the Supplementary member’s redemptions will be deducted from the Principal member’s balance credits.

ARC members must have at least two (2) premium relationships to qualify in nominating one (1) supplementary member. By premium relationships, we mean that the ARC member met at least two of the ARC eligibility criteria below:

  • BPI Preferred or Private Banking client
  • Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Maxus, and Kia clients with at least P1.25M* vehicle purchase or KTM clients with at least P700K* purchase from participating dealerships; or Ayala dealership clients with cumulative vehicle purchase worth P2.0M*
  • Globe Platinum Plan Subscriber (Plan 3500 and up)
  • Purchased a property from Ayala Land Premier or Alveo, or properties worth at least P3 million from Avida Land bought in the last seven years

You are entitled to one supplementary account and this should be enrolled for an immediate family member – Your spouse, your child, or your parent.

We are sorry to inform you that only one supplementary member is allowed per qualified ARC member. If you wish to invite more people to ARC, we have the eligibility criteria which allows Ayala Land property buyers with purchase amount of P10M to P19.99M to get at least 2 more principal memberships. Property buyers of P20M and above on the other hand, can get a maximum of four (4) principal memberships. 

  • If you are nominating your spouse – Marriage Certificate + Government-issued ID of the nominee
  • If you are nominating a child – Nominee’s Birth Certificate, must be 18 years old and above
  • If you are nominating a parent – Your Birth Certificate

The supplementary member will only get a digital badge. It is therefore important for the nominated supplementary member to provide ARC with updated contact details – email and mobile number as these will be needed to get her membership started in the ARC mobile app.

Qualified ARC members may enroll their nominated supplementary member as long as their own membership validity has not expired. Supplementary members’ validity is coterminous with the Principal member.

ARC members who meet the eligibility criteria may also contact
regarding their supplementary member nomination.

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