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Add to your knowledge! Learn some facts about work or roles that are already obsolete or just plain atypical.

The 13 Most Unusual Jobs

Curious on the most unusual jobs you've never heard of? Check this small group of people whose jobs you never thought exist.

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Fun Facts about Working Life

Find out interesting facts about work life.

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Jobs that No Longer Exist

With technological advancement, jobs that are previously essential have become obsolete. See the list of jobs that no longer exist.

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Jobs Disappearing due to Technological Advances

As our society becomes more and more tech-driven, expect these 10 jobs to disappear in the next couple of years.

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Recent Posts

SPIRE: Work Your Way

The history of May 1 continues! As we celebrate International Worker’s Day this year, here’s a closer look at why people call it the “Worker’s Christmas”.

Ayala News

Taking care of employees is one of the main thrusts of the Ayala group, which consequently contributes to the success of everything they do.

Work-life Balance

Be the best at what you do using these tips on managing career-related challenges

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